Singapore 52nd National Day Celebration

Celebrate National Day with Shens Clinic

Introducing the Vitality Lift Hydra Facial

The Singapore’s National Day Celebration treatment involves the Vitality Lift Hydra Facial treatment which is designed to deeply hydrate and submerse the skin with Hyaluronic serum. Your skin will illuminate with a fresh glow of vitality and radiance.

The Vitality Lift Hydra Facial involves a relaxing hands on facial combined with a medical grade machine based facial to cleanse, exfoliate, peel and  extract, ending with a hydrating serum infusion into the skin. The Hydra Facial treatment is a new breakthrough technology which is non-invasive and achieves superior results through multistep actions that infuses the skin with potent nutrients specially curated to increase skin heath and target skin concerns.

Cleansing of the skin is achieved through specialized vortex technology and water based exfoliation. This unblocks sebum, remove dead cells to allow for effective penetration of skin care nutrients, smoothens and renews the skin. Using Vortex cleaning action, combined with Vacuum technology, the pores are cleared of impurities which preps the skin for the next stage. Electroporation deeply infuses the skin with, and promotes maximum absorption of, active nutrients such as vitamins, anti-oxidents and hydrating serums, promoting long term skin health.

Come and indulge your skin today.

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* Disclaimer: results vary according to individual