Space Lift


Space Lift: Combination of 4D Micro-Nano Fat Grafting and Short Incision Lift (SIL)
This is so far one of the best fillers using your own fat to graft onto the sunken areas on your face. It is commonly known as fat transfer. Occasionally fat transfer alone is good enough depending on the amount of facial sagging at the start. Fat transfer to face has a downtime of about a week due to swelling.

Lasting effect: Up to 3-5 years depending on individual

With SIL
For some people who are usually above 50, to see very good result, we combine fat transfer with Short Incisional Lift(SIL). This procedure would confer a very natural look. Very few people will need SIL unless there has been a lot of sun damage and wrinkled skin surfacing. If any stitches need to be removed, it is usually done at 1 week after the procedure.

If SIL is needed, the downtime is slightly longer at about 2 to 3 weeks* and the stitches are removed at one week.

Lasting effect: Up to 5 years depending on individual


* Disclaimer: results vary according to individual