The Fat Transfer Expert
The Puregraft System is created to standardized fat grafting with a better result developed by some of the world’s foremost experts in adipose science.

Understand Fat
The average life span of an adult adipocyte (fat cell) is 7 to 12 years. The number of fat cells will not change as you gain or lose weight. They only grow or shrink in size. Therefore, it’s impossible to lose all your fat.

Understand Fat Transfer
Fat transfer is also called fat grafting. It is a process of removing your unwanted fat and injecting to the area which you want to volumize such as face, breast and buttocks. However, all fat transfer techniques are different as shown in Table 1.
Puregraft, a revolutionary technology can improve the quality of fat transfer results. Unwanted substances found in the fat cell are removed using a gentle and efficient filtration system. Unlike other techniques, the tissue is contained in Puregraft’s closed system. Hence, the result is a safer procedure and a more precise result.


Table 1 PUREGRAFT comparison with other techniques

Puregraft Fat transfer procedure
Step 1: Liposuction
Fat collection from your body areas such as abdomen, thighs or hips.
Step 2: Processing
Your fat is purified using Puregraft to remove the unwanted substances such as damaged cells, oil, blood and excess fluid collection during liposuction.
Step 3: Re-injection
The purified fat is re-injected to volumized your desired area.

Discover the advantages of PUREGRAFT

Empower your natural beauty
Volumized your face, buttocks, breasts and other part of your body that you are unsatisfied. Redefine your body in the shape you always dream of by using your own fat, which give you a better alternative to implants.

Speed up recovery
After the procedure, most patients can go home at the same day. Minor uncomfortable will be detected. Most of the patients can resume their light activities after one week and normal activities after two weeks.

Improve long term retention
Material to volumize your preferred body with your own body fat instead of other foreign material which you will need repeated treatment to keep your desired appearance. By using Puregraft, the result usually will be permanent after 3 to 6 months.

Not all the fat can be burnt.

* Disclaimer: results vary according to individual