Non-surgical Rhinoplasty

SHENKO 4G Nose lifting
Shenko 4G Noselift

SHENKO 4G Nose lifting

A well-defined nose bridge is a very important aspect of looking beautiful and sharp. However, a surgical rhinoplasty may not be everyone’s cup of tea. Therefore, a Shenko 4G Nose Lifting procedure is an alternative as a non-surgical type of Rhinoplasty.

What is SHENKO 4G Nose Lifting?

In pursue of an effective PDO nose lifting thread, Dr Shens had many requirements. Cooperating with Korean experts and certified manufacturers that he had worked with over the years in Korea, they created Shenko 4G Nose Lifting Thread. A premium quality and specially created thread made of polydioxanone (PDO). Scientifically proven, PDO threads can be fully resorbed by the human body with time. SHENKO 4G Nose Lifting thread are inserted carefully into the nose bridge and using the structural volume of the PDO threads, it can create a more defined nose bridge depending on the number of Shenko 4G threads inserted. As the PDO threads dissolves over a period, it will create collagen regrowth and tissue fibroblasts in the skin layer.

What you should know?

The procedure will require less than 20 mins to complete.

A layer of topical anesthesia will be applied before the procedure to numb the area of treatment to reduce pain.

There are many different forms of PDO nose threads available in Korea but Shenko 4G nose lifting thread have specially created multi-directional bumps to ensure the threads stays in place and produce effective results.

However, not all patient is suitable for Shenko 4G Nose Thread Lifting. A consultation would be the best way to determine whether optimum results can be achieved.


* Disclaimer: results vary according to individual