Misko Nose Threadlift


According to the survey, the most sought-after look is the sharp nose tip with a straight nose bridge. For most times, to achieve a desired sharp nose one has to go through rhinoplasty procedure and have an implant in the nose bridge. At Shen’s Clinic, Dr Shens use an innovate nose thread lift technique to help you achieve your ideal nose.

What is S Line nose lift with Misko thread?
Misko thread is a safe cosmetic product that is less painful and is very much popular in South Korea where it is also founded. The nose thread lift procedure will not only lift the nose bridge, but it will also be able to allow the plastic surgeon to adjust the nose flare and length of the top of the nose.

With the nose lift, the desired sharp nose with straight nose bridge is achievable without patient having to go through incisional surgery. This minimally invasive procedure is able to give a perfect balance for the nose to the face and is applicable for both men and women.

Also, with the lack of surgery in this procedure, post-surgery infection is avoidable, along with the pain. A little discomfort will be felt for a few days but no other major repercussions expected*.

Does the procedure involve pain?
The procedure does not involve pain* as there are numbing cream applied and anaesthesia if needed. Also, this procedure is done on an outpatient basis, hence the patient can leave immediately once the procedure is done.

* Disclaimer: results vary according to individual