Mid-Face /Cheek Lift


Mid facelift is a plastic surgery procedure that restores a smooth, youthful look targeted at the lower eyelids and cheeks. There are two different mid facelift techniques. In the traditional technique, we can gain access to the cheeks and lower eyelids by using an incision hidden in the lower lash line, sometimes through the the nasolabial fold. This traditional technique is best suited to patients primarily needing their tissues to be lifted upward, rather than horizontally or diagonally.

The second technique is able to produce somewhat more dramatic results. In this method, the procedure is performed through two endoscopic incisions placed in the temples, hidden behind the hairline. This gives a pair of access points through which we can lift facial muscles and skin both vertically and diagonally.

Regardless of which technique is used, the mid facelift is able to correct under-eye bags, hollowness in the upper cheeks, and prominent nasal folds.

Lasting effect: Up to 5 years

* Disclaimer: results vary according to individual