Infrabrow Lift

Infrabrow lift is indicated in patients who have the following pre requisites.

  • Existing double eyelid crease
  • Droppy upper lid skin
  • Excess skin falling laterally beyond the lateral canthus.


The incision is made at the inferior border of the eye brow. This is one of the most effective way to hide the scar after lifting the upper eyelid skin.

This method is most suited in woman who have or are considering a tattoo of the eyebrow.

The skin of the eyebrow is thicker than that of the eyelid. The incidence of bruise is a lot less than we would expect over the upper eyelid.

Infrabrow lift can remove excess skin in the upper eyelid to allow visibility of the eyelid crease which is otherwise hidden by droopy upper eyelid skin due to aging.

It is done in place of a browlift to reduce the downtime and also to limit the scar to the eyebrow.

* Disclaimer: results vary according to individual