Dermal Filler

Cheek and Face Fillers

Sagging cheeks, deep laugh lines and thinning lips are just some of the issues faced as age catches up. As much as time cannot be stopped, no matter how many times the batteries are taken out of the clock, loss of volume and laxity in the face can be demolished.

How to get back smooth tight skin?
Dermal Fillers for skin help to bring back the youthful, smooth, voluminous skin and the sexy plump up lips. Face and Cheek Fillers are made with Hyaluronic acid (HA) that can be naturally found in the human body. This acid, plays an important role in maintaining the appearance of youth, which in return is also referred to as the “Fountain of Youth”.

About the procedure

How does facial filler procedure works?

Fillers are injected into the skin of the targeted spot; nose bridge and/or tip, cheeks, lips and tear troughs. Depending on the desired outcome, fillers are injected up to about 5 times to different spot of the desired site.

Dermal fillers combine with the water in the body to restore the lost fullness, diminish likes and wrinkles and gently enhance lips. Due to the smooth formulation of the filler, the “work done” look is hidden and instead gives the natural look and feel to the face.

Does it involve pain?
Numbing agent will be applied onto the desired site before the injection of the fillers, hence the painful feeling of being injected is not present.

How many sessions needed?
Injectable filler is a one-time procedure with top-ups after a certain amount of time when the fillers have already been broken down by the body.

What to expect after the injections?
Results are almost immediate. The fillers are mouldable for a few hours. After the injection, the cosmetic surgeon will mould the fillers to ensure the desired outcome. It is recommended that no vigorous action be done to the face to ensure that the moulding does not move. Gentle washing and drying of the face is also recommended for the next few days until the fillers settle completely.


* Disclaimer: results vary according to individual