Dark Eye Circles Treatment


“Panda eyes” or dark eye circles are very common in the current times, which is usually linked to the busy and fast pace life that originated from the lack of sleep.

How are dark eye circles created?
Dark eye circles are created by the shadow that is cast from swelling around the eyes, giving the appearance of the dark circles. It can also be caused by excessive smoking, alcohol, nasal congestion and excessive rubbing of the eyes. Amongst the Asians, dark eye circles are caused by pigmentation irregularities mostly.

Excessive sun exposure also causes natural thinning of the skin and loss of collagen makes the blood vessels more visible under the eyes.

Dark eye circles don’t pose any sign of a serious medical condition rather than an aesthetic problem.

Getting rid of dark eye circles:
Dermal fillers or laser treatments can improve dark eye circles. Laser treatment address the issue of pigmentation causing the dark eye circle while dermal fillers, fills up the hollows on the eyes that creates the darkened appearance and smoothen it out.

What to expect for the treatment?
The treatment takes approximately less than an hour to complete, with no downtime. Patients are able to continue with their daily activity almost immediately after the treatment.

Does the treatment involve pain?
The treatment is non-invasive and a numbing agent will be applied first before the injection of dermal fillers.

* Disclaimer: results vary according to individual