Chin Implant


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A “sharp” jawline and chin have always been deemed as most attractive and ideal in the traditional beauty aspect. A well-defined, balanced chin will also be able to balance out the overall appearance of the face. Whereas, chins that are “weak” or receding, might often make a normal sized nose to appear larger than it is. It may also expose more neck, giving it.

How to get stronger/sharper chin?
A more aesthetic chin can be achieved by placing a chin implant. Chin implants are usually made of silicone are placed from the inside of the mouth down to the chin or through a small incision under the chin.


What to expect for the procedure?
It is recommended to always consult with our plastic surgeon first before going forward with the procedure. It is best to discuss thoroughly of the outcome that is desired and get comparison on the different sizes for the best proportionate look.

During procedure:
Local anesthesia will be applied for the procedure, patients will be given rest time after the surgery is done.

Mild swelling and bruising will is expected, but nothing alarming as medications will be given for recovery and to control any pain from being overbearing. It is also recommended that all vigorous activities be done only after about a week of rest to avoid any complications.

How is the implant inserted on the chin?
The silicone implant will be placed through an incision made underneath the chin, or from inside the mouth. This implant can last up for life. The procedure takes about less than an hour to complete mostly.

Does the procedure involve pain?
Local anesthesia will be applied for the procedure. Hence, the patient will not feel pain during the procedure.

* Disclaimer: results vary according to individual