Cheek Implant


Saggy cheeks are one of the most obvious issues on the face, especially with the coming of age plus the constant pro-long exposure to gravity. With age and gravity, sagging of the cheeks are very common, especially for people without high cheekbones.

What are cheeks implants?
Cheek implants procedure is also known as cheek augmentation. It is a procedure that involves inserting of implants into the cheeks area, from the inside of the mouth, in enhancing the cheekbones to make fuller cheeks.


How are cheek implants done?
There are three general shapes to cheek implants;

Malar implants – placed directly on the cheekbones, providing higher projection

Submalar implants – provides fuller cheeks, removing lean or sunken look

Combined implants – augments both cheekbones and cheeks, giving a more youthful and rejuvenated cheeks.

What are cheeks implants made of?

Some implants are made of silicone that can be removed later whereas others integrate with natural bone tissues and become part of the cheek structure.

What to expect for the procedure?
A consultation is recommended with our plastic surgeon before proceeding, to discuss thoroughly on the desired outcome and the most suitable implant to use.

During procedure:
A small incision is made inside the mouth, between the jaws and cheeks to insert the implants. Local anesthesia will be applied for the procedure so there is no pain involved during the procedure.

*Some swelling and mild bruising is expected but clear away within days. Pain medications will be provided to control the pain from being overbearing. Daily routine activities will be able to continue about a week into the procedure.


* Disclaimer: results vary according to individual