Brazilian Buttock Augmentation


Youth is the time when the body is able to defy gravity, with every part of the body stays upright. However, with the prolonged exposure to gravity and as age catch up, the body’s ability to keep every part still upright can be a challenge.

What is the Brazilian Butt Lift?

Buttocks are the main organs used for sitting down. It is also one of the sensual organs that a human being has that could be used as an attraction for both genders.

The Brazilian butt lift or BBL is a butt augmentation procedure that gives or brings back the youthful, prominent, perky buttocks. It helps to bring all the right curves to the right spot.

About the procedure
The BBL is the most natural way to augment the buttocks as it uses the body’s own fat. It addresses the issue of flat, sagging, asymmetrical, disproportionate buttocks. The BBL is a procedure that has been a popular demand in the recent years amongst men and women of all ages.

In Shens Clinic, the BBL is done with fat grafting. It is a procedure involving liposuction and transferring the fats suctioned, to the buttocks, which is considered the more natural way to replace lost volume.

The liposuction procedure is carried out with the 4D High Definition Vaser Liposuction, the safest and latest technology in liposuction procedures. This fat is then processed for purification before injecting it into the buttocks. The areas for liposuction include back (just above the buttocks), stomach and thigh. With the liposuction itself, the body is already shaped up to the curvaceous look.

The fat grafting procedure is done after the harvested fat has been processed carefully. The fat is used to contour the curves of the lower back leading to a pleasing waist and hip lines.

Advantages of fat grafting
Fat grafting has been used more often as of recent times, for restoring of lost volume to the face, breast enhancement and buttocks enhancement. It can also be very cost effective when combined with another procedure.

Does the procedure involve pain?
The liposuction procedure would be done under general anesthesia. There might be mild bruising and swelling, depending on the severity of the liposuction.

The procedure takes about 1 hr and is expertly performed by our consultant plastic surgeon.


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