Aerola Reduction


An aesthetically ideal size of the areola is one that is ration proportion to the size of the breast and nipples. Ultimately, the size of the areola is determined by the pigmentation to that area of the skin. This pigmentation size and shade changes over time due to certain reasons such as puberty, hormone changes and lactating. The genes in the family also largely determine the size and shade of it.

How to reduce areola size?
Areola reduction is done by marking and cutting off the excess areola skin to get the desired size of areola. After removing the excess areola skin, stiches are made to connect the remaining areola with the rest of the breast skin surrounding it. The procedure is finished off with permanent stiches around the whole areola circumference, preventing the areola from stretching again.

What are the affects from areola reduction?
With the reduction of areola, self esteem and confidence will be restored as the areola would now seem more *proportionate to the breast and nipple ratio.

Does the procedure involve pain?
Local anesthesia will be applied during this procedure, along with sedative for relaxation. Pain will be felt after the anesthesia has worn off but will be controlled by medications provided.

What to expect from the procedure?
This surgery is minor and hence will *not cause much downtime. It is however, recommended that the patient stay rested for a few day and avoid vigorous physical activities till fully recovered.

* Disclaimer: results vary according to individual