Abdominoplasty is an aesthetic surgical procedure of the abdomen. It consist of tummy tuck, muscle divarication repair and lipo abdominoplasty. Ultimately, abdominoplasty is done to contour the abdomen area.


Tummy Tuck
As the name suggests, it is a procedure to remove excess skin and fat over the anterior abdomen. These fats are usually not removable via workouts and diet hence tummy tuck is a much-needed procedure. Whereas removing the skin during this procedure is to get rid of the excess skin that doesn’t tone up with workouts either.

The incision for the procedure is usually done at the lower part of the abdomen so as to hide the scars under the bikini line.

A tummy tuck procedure is done only if the muscle wall is proven strong enough. Certain muscle walls are “weak” and requires repairing, hence themuscle divarication repair procedure is done instead.

Muscle Divarication Repair
It is a procedure done to repair the muscle in the abdomen area, for example after a caesarean birthing. When the muscles are split apart, it will make the tummy wall loose and hanging out. Thus, the repair of the muscle is needed where the muscles are stitched together and let be to heal on it’s own.

Lipo Abdominoplasty
It is a procedure combining both liposuction procedure and Brazilian tummy tuck procedure.

Which abdominoplasty to pick? 
It is advised to have a proper and detail consultation with the plastic surgeon to thoroughly discuss on the method to be used for the most desired outcome. Each of the method chosen has it’s own side effects and risk, hence it is important to ask every details from the plastic surgeon.

* Disclaimer: results vary according to individual