How To Prevent Eyebags From Coming Back

How To Prevent Eyebags From Coming Back

how to get rid of eyebags

For a man or woman in their 20s and 30s, having eyebags can be dreadful. It dampens our image and how we present ourselves to others. Having eyebags could be perceived as not having enough sleep, meaning we have a bad lifestyle habit. It could also present us as being inattentive or show lack of interest, an impression that can make or break a job interview into our dream jobs.

While eyebags naturally come with age, having eyebags at a young age can be upsetting to deal with, especially the ones that keep coming back no matter how much eyebag removal cream we apply.

There are, however, tried and tested ways to prevent eyebags from coming back, and it requires a little change in our lifestyle. Here are some things you can do to prevent eyebags from returning:

 1.  Get 8 To 9 Hours Of Sleep Every Day


Getting sleep is important, not only for our body but also for preventing eyebag buildup.

Getting enough sleep gives the skin time to repair and heal itself, reversing the damages caused by free radicals we get throughout the day. Sleep also increases our skin cells’ natural ability to repair damage to give us better complexion.

Our body uses sleep to repair itself and prepare us for another day. When it comes to our eyes, sleep allows our body to flush out excess fluids, preventing fluid buildup in our body, specifically under the eyes.  When we lack sleep, these excess fluids settle in the tissues under our eyes instead of being flushed out of our system, causing eyebags and dark under eye circles.

It is highly recommended that adults get 8 to 9 hours of sleep everyday so the body can regenerate itself and prevent eyebag formation. Set a suitable bedtime for yourself and stick to it regularly, this will help you get a good eight-hour sleep and prevent eyebags from coming back.

2.  Reduce The Amount Of Time You Spend Under The Afternoon Sun


Radiation from the high afternoon sun is also known to cause eyebag buildup. Long exposure to radiation from direct sunlight can be damaging to the skin, especially to the thin skin area under your eyes and can cause your skin to weaken and sag, leading to the formation of eyebags and droopy eyes.

But the sun is not the only source of radiation that we need to be wary of. Our phones, laptops, and even television have an amount of radiation that can directly harm our skin when exposed too much. Avoid keeping your phone and laptop screen too close to your face, and wear sunglasses when out in the afternoon sun as these can help reduce exposure to radiation.

3.  Eat The Right Kinds Of Food

Fruits & Vegetables

While some may not believe it, but the food we eat really does affect the way we look, and even the formation of puffy eyebags under our eyes. Avoid getting puffy eyebags by making sure you eat a well-balanced diet with lots of fruits and vegetables rich in Vitamins A, B, C, K, calcium, etc. Drinking plenty of water also helps with the process of removing eyebags.

Also, avoid eating food with lots of sodium as this can cause water retention in the body; retained excess water in the body end up in the area under the eyes, causing them to swell. Potassium, when taken in moderation, can help reduce eyebags – but an excess amount of potassium can do more harm than good to your eyebag problem.

4.  Have Your Eyebags Surgically Removed


Having eyebags surgically removed is the quickest ways to get rid of eyebags without having to worry about it coming back the next day or in a few years.

Having a surgery may sound scary, especially when it comes to scarring in the area near your eyes. But there are techniques, like the Korean Style Scarless Eyebag Removal offered by Shensclinic, that offer a safe and simple surgery that leaves no scars. It is done through a small incision within the lower eyelid to remove the fat and liquid build up. The procedure only takes around 20 mins to finish.

By having your eyebags surgically removed, you eliminate complications caused by non-surgical techniques like using laser or radio frequency. And after the surgery, you can expect to be eyebags-free for the next 8-10 years when recurrence would typically take place. Tweaking your lifestyle to be better may even prolong the effects of the surgery.

Dealing with eyebags can be difficult, especially when they keep coming back every now and then in varying degree. But by following these tips, you can prevent eyebags from coming back once you’ve gotten rid of them.

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