The Different Types of Eyelids and Why Double Eyelid Surgery is your Better Solution

The Different Types of Eyelids and Why Double Eyelid Surgery is your Better Solution

the diffent types of eyelids and why double eyelid surgery is your better solution

As Asians, we are gifted with several types of eyelid creases. It somehow created a unique identity for us. While some have very minimal eyelid folds, some are just blessed with too much. And, in some cases, a person can even have 2 different types of eyelids! That’s what we called an asymmetric eyelid crease and can be fix with the right surgery. And as any other parts of our body, it doesn’t always go with the shape of our eyes.

Here are 5 of the most common eyelid types that most Asians have. Identify your eyelid type and learn how you can make it look better.

  1. Monolid

This is the type of eyelid where there is no prominent crease separating the lid into two parts. It’s commonly known as ‘single eyelid’ and many East Asians tend to have it. Some people who have monolids would consider using eyelid tapes to have different types and creases of eyelids. It’s a little bit flexible and can make you look different at given times.

  1. Partial Eyelid Crease

It’s a type of eyelid where the crease isn’t well defined, and it’s not extended across the eyelid. The partial crease can become more defined as the skin above the crease becomes looser. This usually happens when we start to age.

  1. Multiple creases

There are instances as well where a person will have multiple eyelid creases. It looks like having two folds on your upper eyelid. This can occur after a surgery where the new crease does not match the previous crease.

  1. Tapered eyelid

If your eyelid crease is parallel to your upper eyelash and merges with the inner corners of your eyes, it’s called a tapered eyelid crease. Another type of a tapered eyelid has a wider platform than the central part, which is called a lateral flare. These types of creases give a unique look that really impacts your personality.

  1. Parallel eyelid crease

This type of eyelid becomes a trend in Korea. A parallel eyelid crease has the inner corner of the crease but it doesn’t narrow as much as the tapered eyelid does. It only runs parallel above your upper eyelash line but it doesn’t reach the corners of your eyes. It somehow makes the eyes look bigger and brighter. That’s why more people consider having this type of eyelid.

The Better Solution

Double eyelid surgery is one of the most popular and common among all the eye cosmetic surgeries that you can do. And what’s best is that it can be scarless! It is solely carried out by the stitching method and is suitable for individuals who do not have excess skin or fats in the upper eyelids. There’s also a modified technique of the original method for longer crease with multiple anchor points. This type of surgery is suitable for most types of eyelids. It’s not only fast, it’s also done under minimal local anesthesia. That’s why it’s very well tolerated and has a scarless outcome.

How to get started

There may be no perfect eyelids but we’re sure that there’s one that suits the shape of your eyes. There are alternative temporary solutions available like eyelid tapes and glues that can help enhance your looks. But to avoid the hassle of daily maintenance, it is recommended to go for a permanent fix. Here are some suggestions:

  • Look for a surgeon with high experience on cosmetic surgery such as double eyelid creation.
  • Educate yourself on the different eye cosmetic surgeries available in the market
  • Learn about the different types of eyelid creases
  • With proper consultation, identify which resolution fits you.

It may be confusing at first but it won’t hurt to ask for help. Reach out to us and let’s discuss how you can see and look better.

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