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Double eyelid surgery

All you need to know about double eyelid surgery

Did you know that about 50% of Asians do not have double eye folds? So if you’re feeling blue about having to use eyelid tape to glue those lids together for that double eyelid effect, this guide is your 411 on most things related to blepharoplasty or commonly known as double eyelid surgery. Double eyelids are basically formed when creases in the skin form attachments between the skin on the eyelids and the eyelid opening muscle. For those born with double eyelids, it means that these attachments are very much present and strong whereas those with single eyelids have absent or weak attachments. Those with weak or non-existent attachments could have other related issues such as double eyelids on one side and single on the other, multiple eyelid creases or uneven double eyelid crease heights. While there are temporary methods that could get you what you want, they do not provide as consistent, defined or symmetrical a look that surgery would provide.  You may have tried and tested common non-surgical methods like tape or glue, plastic contraptions worn like spectacles or even machines which help to “create” double eyelids but these procedures, while painless, do have repercussions. Glues or tapes which may help in creating those missing attachments, possibly after months or years of usage, also tend to bring about droopy eyelids because of excess skin. The ‘rolls’ that form over the eyelids become heavier and droop further, necessitating more glue or tape to hold the skin up. Machines that are meant for procedures such as the tightening of the eyelids will also not be as effective if used for creating double eyelids from scratch either. Consumers also run the risk of other complications if used inappropriately. The Non-Incisional Method Hence, we come to two more long lasting solutions for those coveted double eyelids. The non-incisional method, otherwise known as the ‘stitching’ or ‘suture’ method consists of four stitches through small puncture holes to hold up the folds. It is most suitable for young people with thin upper eyelids and without excess skin. For those with slightly thicker eyelids, fret not for some excess fat can be removed simultaneously through a small incision. With the advantage of faster recovery and an almost unnoticeable scar, some people have even compared blepharoplasty with getting a haircut. The Incisional Method The more permanent method would be the incisional method that involves making an incision along the intended folds. After the doctor has corroborated that the dimensions according to the patient’s preference are feasible, markings will be made on the eyelids. Once the incisions have been made and depending on the need to remove any excess skin, muscle or fat, the skin is then anchored to the levator muscle for those coveted double eyelids. Older patients have the option of having a more youthful appearance because when the surgery is carried out, excess fat that is sagging and covering the folds may be removed to reveal a natural-looking double fold. Dr Shen’s years of experience and training in Korea has enabled him to modify his blepharoplasty technique for a longer crease with multiple anchor points. This niche procedure has benefitted over 1000 individuals in Singapore. Blepharoplasty is not the only nip and tuck procedure available for the eye area. Medial and lateral epicanthoplasty, lower blepharoplasty (eyebag removal), upper eyelid lifts, Ptosis correction and infrabrow as well as suprabrow lifts are also common procedures that can and have been done together with upper eyelid procedures for a complete look - after all, beauty is in the eye of the beholder!

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Is breastfeeding with implants safe for my baby?

Is breastfeeding with implants safe for my baby?

“Should I choose for the implants to go under the breast or in an incision via the nipple?” “Are saline implants or silicone implants more suited for me post baby? “Will I be able to breastfeed?” “Will breastfeeding be safe for my baby?” If you’re one of the burgeoning number of women who are considering or have had breast augmentation surgery, some of the above questions would have definitely been on the top of the list of questions you would have had. However, as with almost all nursing women, the core success of breastfeeding depends largely on having proper information about the positioning and management of the baby for optimal latching, regardless of breast augmentation procedures. The fact is, even women without breast augmentations have been disheartened with the struggles they faced trying to breastfeed their babies. While there are studies which show that women with implants may have a few more hurdles to overcome, adequate effort on the mother’s part can still accomplish the task of providing nourishment for their bundle of joy. Ironically, there are women who make a conscious decision against breastfeeding their child to maintain the shape and pertness of the breast as the implants stay in place and hold their shape for women who have had breast augmentation. Women who have not had implants generally notice increased elasticity in the breast tissues during or after the period of nursing and this eventually could cause a sag. As with nature, the results of breastfeeding differs from woman to woman and it is impossible to ascertain how much change will occur. For women who are determined to nurse their babies with implants, they need not fret. In the case of saline implants, the salt water is reabsorbed into the body rather quickly, thus not posing any risk to either mother or baby. A lot more research has been carried out for silicone implants. Weaving through the scientific information available on the effects of breastfeeding with implants reveals one common link - silicone cannot travel from a mother’s implants, through the mammary glands and into breast milk. You can heave a sigh of relief at that bit of information but there are other factors to consider like the positioning of your implants, incision sites and the size of the implants. Incisions on the areola (periareolar), the pigmented area on the nipple, while not as aesthetically pleasing, it also runs the risk of decreasing the ability to breastfeed as the milk ducts could accidentally be nicked during surgery. There are drawbacks to this procedure such as an increased risk of infection and loss of sensation in the nipple. Incisions made in the fold under the breast, with the implants placed behind the muscle, optimise the preservation of breastfeeding abilities as there is little surgical trauma to the breast, therefore resulting in better milk production for the little one. “A very large implant in a woman with fairly tight skin, no matter how it is placed, could conceivably diminish breast milk production by the pressure on the overlying breast tissue,” advises Douglas J. Mackenzie, M.D. This is especially so when breast engorgement post pregnancy kicks in. Choosing the best type of implant is key at Shens Clinic and in consultation with Dr Shens, you will be able to select a suitable size and shape for your implants from among the Motiva range.

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Breast Augmentation and Implants - Premium Motiva Implants

Breast implants help women to increase the size of their breasts. This procedure is done for cosmetic reasons and after mastectomy for breast cancer. There are two types of implants available, silicone and saline gel. Saline-filled implants are silicone shells packed with saline (sterile salt liquid). On the other hand, gel-filled silicone implants are shells of silicone filled with silicone (plastic gel). These implants feel like real breasts. Breast augmentation also known as “boob job” or “breast aug”, involves the fat transfer or breast implants to increase the size of breasts. This procedure can restore the volume of the breasts after pregnancy and weight reductions. You can achieve more rounded breasts or improve the natural size of the breast. Purpose of Breast Augmentation Surgery Increase projection and fullness of breasts Enhance your self-confidence and self-image Improve the balance of hip and breast contours. Keep in mind that breast augmentation is not for rigorously drooping breasts. In that situation, you will need a breast lift with augmentation. Breast lift with augmentation is excellent for sagging breasts to make them lifted and fuller. Premium Motiva Implants Motiva Implants are dynamic and revolutionary breast implants. Surgeons can efficiently work to choose the ideal implants for each patient. The surface of breast implants is textured. Textured surfaces are manufactured by projecting sugar, salt and other particles on implant shells. These implants may have secondary impacts on women who use them. Motiva implants VelvetSurface and SilkSurface can be obtained without the use of exotic materials like sugar or salt, through a particularly controlled procedure. The nano-surfaces of Motiva Implants offer a better interaction between the surrounding tissues and the implant. This allows Motiva Implants to adapt the normal movements of a breast. Perfect Shape Choices Breast implants have a contoured, oval or a round shape that comes in different projections and sizes. Round implants are known for increasing the fullness of the upper-pole of the breast, while teardrop or oval shaped implants are designed to mimic the natural shape of breast, with maximum fullness in the lower pole. Placement of teardrop implants require advanced techniques. These implants may have complications, such as undesired aesthetic outcomes and implant rotation. You can get a more natural look with the Motiva Implants line, Ergonomix. Projection, Base and Size Choices While considering implant shape, you should consider the projection, base, and size required to get desired aesthetic outcome of the breast. The foundation of an implant will define the cleavage while implant projection determines the fullness. The volume of the implant determines the cup shape and size. Innovation for Enhanced Safety Ergonomix implants from Motiva are designed with the patient and surgeon in mind. Plastic implants can frustrate surgeons because of their rotation problems. These implants are 100% filled after grafting to give off a natural look of customary anatomical implants. Motiva implants uses Advanced True Tissue equipment, which is a combination of elastic elastomer case, and the exclusive rheological properties are combined with gravity. As the patient lies on her rear, the implants will react and move similarly to natural breasts.

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5 must-do's before and after a liposuction surgery

5 'Must-Do's Before And After A Liposuction Surgery

Getting a liposuction surgery can be daunting and scary, especially for first-timers who are not aware of what to do or expect before and after the procedure. While your doctor will give you instructions before you undergo the surgery, here are some “must-do” tips you should take note of before and after a liposuction procedure. Find A Good Surgeon Number one “must-do” before going for a liposuction surgery is to look for a certified surgeon -- most importantly one who specializes in liposuction procedures and has had a lot of experiences. Getting a well-experienced surgeon will lessen the chances of having serious complications during and after the procedure. Getting an experienced surgeon may be more costly, but it will keep your mind at ease that the procedure will not go wrong. Anticipate Post-Op Effects Before the procedure begins, it would be wise to prepare yourself mentally, emotionally, and physically for the discomfort that comes after the procedure. You can expect bruising and swelling which will make moving around very difficult and painful. But this is normal post-op effects and should only last for a couple of days, so you should be prepared for these side-effects. Plan out how you will deal with the post-op effects and ask friends and family to help you out as you recover. You will also be given pain medications by your surgeon to reduce the discomfort. Follow the doctor’s advice and make sure to report any unusual pain that you might feel. Get Your Compression Garments Ready Whether you like it or not, wearing compression garments after a liposuction procedure is imperative. Compression garments help by providing support and comfort to the operated area and help the skin fit into its new form after the liposuction procedure. Compression garments also improve blood circulation and accelerate the healing process so you can return to your daily activities faster. It’s important that you measure yourself properly for your compression garments to avoid unnecessarily long recovery time, or worsen swelling and other symptoms that will increase discomfort as you recover. Be Patient With The Final Result After a liposuction procedure, it’s important to be patient. While you will see results after your surgery, this is not the final result and your body will still undergo changes. During the first few days, the swelling and bruising will heal, but it will take a few more weeks for your body to settle into its new shape. During this downtime, it’s best to take things slow as your body gets used to having less fat and finally settle into its final shape. Remain Healthy After The Procedure Liposuction does not give permanent results, and keeping to your old habits and lifestyle will undoubtedly end badly for your body in the long run. So it’s important that you make some lifestyle changes to avoid returning to your old body shape. Regularly exercising, drinking water, and eating healthy meals will limit fat deposits from forming in your newly-shaped body and will ensure that your body remains in a form that you are happy and confident with. Liposuction is a procedure that will significantly change your body’s shape. Because of the drastic change brought about by the surgery, it requires meticulous preparation and strong a dedication to maintaining your body in its ideal form.

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5 benefits of having your eyebags removed

5 Benefits Of Having Your Eyebags Removed

Having large and unappealing eyebags is a common cosmetic problem for many people both young and old. Eyebags are so common because just about anything can cause eyebags: bad lifestyle habits, environment, aging, and even genetics. Due to the prevalent appearance of pesky bags under the eyes, cosmetic surgeons have created surgical techniques of removing eyebags to make the eyes look firmer and appealing. Below we cover 5 benefits of having your eyebags removed and what it can do for your eyes and appearance. Fresh Look Going eyebags-less will give you a fresher look. Most eyebags are often accompanied by dark circles due to blood vessels under the eyes being swollen or not draining water properly. These dark circles can make you look haggard and tired, dulling your face even though you had a perfectly good rest. Dark circles under the eyes are worsened by lack of sleep, having too much sodium, allergies, or is a hereditary trait. By removing the eyebags under your eyes, you remove water and fat in the area, reducing water accumulation and relaxing the blood vessels that could be the cause of your under eye circles. Less Need For Eye Makeup The easiest quick fix to eyebags is putting eye makeup to conceal it, but using eye make-up every time you have to hide your eyebags can be very troublesome and time-consuming. Also, make-up does not offer any long-term solution to the problem, making it an ineffective remedy to your eyebag problem. By having your eyebags removed, you will need to use less eye makeup to conceal your eyebags. This means you get to spend less time trying to fix your make-up and more time spent with friends and family or out on your date. Younger Appearance Eyebags are notorious for making people look older than their actual age; this is because eyebags are often associated with aging. In worst cases of eyebag presence, eyes start to look droopy which further increases the appearance of aging. This most of the time hurt your self-image and might often be asked by peers about your unhealthy looking eyes, which can be embarrassing. Removing eyebags will help firm your skin and muscles around the lower area of your eyes, giving your face a younger and healthier appearance. Smoothen Wrinkles Around The Eyes Due to the loosening of the skin around the eye area caused by eyebags, wrinkles may start to form if left untreated, especially wrinkles at the edge of the eyes known as crow’s feet. Having wrinkles in the face is a clear sign of stress and aging, and can make you look at least 2 times older than you really are. Removal of eyebags will help firm up the skin around the area so wrinkles won’t form, preserving your young and fresh appearance. Reduces Fat Under The Eyes Fat under the eyes are normal, but having eyebags mean that there is excess fat in the area that it starts bulging out unnaturally under your eyes. The excess fat comes as we age, but to some, it is an inborn trait. The problem, however, is when the fat deposits are uneven, with one eye having more fat than the other. In worst cases of uneven eyebags, the eye with more fat will have a darker circle, making you look like you had gotten into a fight. Having your eyebags removed surgically will help even out and reduce the fats under your eyes, fixing the unnatural look while firming up the muscles and skin under your eyes. While it’s natural to have eyebags are we age, it shouldn’t affect your youthful glow. If your eyebags are giving you a hard time to showing yourself and your youthful charms to others, it would be best to have them removed.

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What is asymmetrical eyelid crease and how you can fix it

What is Asymmetrical eyelid crease and how double eyelid can fix it

What is an asymmetrical eyelid crease and how can you fix it? As the old saying goes, our eyes are the windows to our soul. Most women, and sometimes even men, regard the eyes as a person’s most important feature. It plays a big role in our appearance, not just aesthetically but also to our personality. But what if one of your eye is different from the other? What if it looks different compared to most people? Can you do something about it? Would you do something about it? As Asians, it’s common for us to have unique eyes and eyelids compared to other races. This feature made us popularly distinct whenever and wherever we set foot. It has become both an advantage and a disadvantage to different people. We’ve popular celebrities who are well-known because of this distinct quality. But, there are also some conflicts of having an eccentric feature like this. Among the most common conflict is having an asymmetrical eyelid crease. Understanding Asymmetrical Eyelids In layman’s term, Asymmetrical eyelid crease is having two different types of eyelids on each eye, which makes your eyes look different from each other. Most of the time, the uneven creases on your eyelids can be composed of one mono eyelid and the other is a double or a demi eyelid. For some, asymmetrical eyelids are caused by aging, injury, surgery, or eye disease. There are also instances where the eyelids will have different sizes due to sleeping habits. Naturally, though, Asians are born with these types of eyelids and it didn’t come from anything else but our genes. Something inevitable, right? But it’s actually not. What can you do about it? There are a lot of ways to cover asymmetrical eyelids. There are various conventional and non-conventional techniques that you can try such as makeup techniques and eyelid tapes. However, these are not permanent resolutions and it may cost you more money than you thought. Also, the solution to each case may vary depending on the type of asymmetric eyelids you got. It’s still best to seek help from a professional plastic surgeon. Going under the knife is no easy decision. This surgery is no different with breast augmentation or a face lift, it requires careful decision-making so you can achieve your desired look. Among the most common way of mending an asymmetrical eyelid is with a surgery called Double Suture and Twisted Technique. It uses a specially designed surgical stitch, which if inserted properly results in the most natural appearance. The stitch is a very durable fiber, and does not absorb or dissolve into the skin’s underlying structure. Because of that, this method draw complications such as loosening of the suture which results to the loss of the actual fold of the eyelids. Luckily, there’s a modern way on this approach for a longer crease with multiple anchor points. This new technique has been proven effective and have produced positive results in the past. The operation takes only about 20 minutes with minimal local anesthesia needed. Thus, it’s less hassle and it’s less risky. What’s more enticing is that it leaves no scar on the operated area, making your eyes look more naturally stunning. Change for the better Everyone deserves to look their best. With the modern technology and current trends, there are numerous possible ways to achieve the look that you want. And since our eyes can say more than what our lips can, it’s the best feature to start with. Getting an eye surgery to improve your look is not to erase your cultural identity. Rather, it’s a way of preserving it and making it look better. Get a better look at your bright future with double eyelid surgery.

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whatisLateral Epicanthoplasty

Difference Between Medial Epicanthoplasty and Lateral Epicanthoplasty

While doing your research on double eyelid surgery, you might have encountered the terms “Medial Epicanthoplasty” and “Lateral Epicanthoplasty” along the way. This is not an unusual thing to encounter since both surgical procedures have something to do with the upper eyelids and can sometimes be done simultaneously with a double eyelid surgery. And while these two terms may sound the same, the result they produce are very different. The term “Epicanthoplasty” indicates an eye surgery that focuses on the epicanthal folds of the eyes. These folds are often found at the inner area of the eyes, near the bridge of the nose. Medial Epicanthoplasty People who have an epicanthal fold, also known as “Mongolian Fold”, tapering on the inner corner of the eye or when the pink portion of the inner eye is hidden will benefit from a Medial Epicanthoplasty. A Mongolian Fold on the inner corner of the eye makes the eyes look small and significantly further apart than normal. A Medial Epicanthoplasty will correct the distance of the eyes and make them proportionate to the face.   By undergoing a Medial Epicanthoplasty surgery, the inner corner of the eyes is elongated to bring the eyes closer to one another with just the right distance between them. The universally accepted distance between the two eyes is one eye width apart. Different surgeons use different methods when doing a Medial Epicanthoplasty; however, prominent scar visibility, long downtime, and scar thickening are factors you will need to consider before undergoing Medial Epicanthoplasty. Lateral Epicanthoplasty Lateral Epicanthoplasty, on the other hand, deal with the epicanthal fold on the outer corner of the eyes, extending the length of the eyes towards the corner of the face. People with a Mongolian Fold tapering down to the outer corner of the eyes or have less visible white area around the outer area of the eyes will benefit from a Lateral Epicanthoplasty procedure because it helps widen the outer area of eyes. Eyes with less visible white area around the outer portion give an appearance of eyes being compacted and squished towards the bridge of the nose, making the eyes appear unnatural and small. Correcting this will make both inner and outer portions of the eyes look natural and balanced while making the eyes appear more expressive. The procedure involves creating an incision on outer eyelid area to reduce the epicanthal fold without much strain. The surgeon will then stretch the fold to a desired length to make the eyes appear almond shape. It would then be stitched in place for 5-6 days before the stitches are removed. At first, Medial and Lateral Epicanthoplasty may sound the same, but by knowing the difference in the result each procedure has on the appearance of your eyes, you can see that they are not entirely the same. But despite their difference, they are both a good complementary procedure to a double eyelid surgery when it comes to providing you with bigger, better, and more vibrant eyes.

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4D High Definition Vaser Liposuction

4 reasons why you should take 4D High Definition Vaser Liposuction

Of all cosmetic procedures available, liposuction is one of the most popular and in demand. This is because a liposuction procedure results in better curves, nicer body shape, and less fat in the body. While many use liposuction as an “instant weight loss” procedure, this is not the main purpose of the procedure. The purpose of liposuction is to reshape the body, tackling problematic fats that do not respond to diet and exercise. Through liposuction, these fats can be removed from the body via suction in order to shape and contour the body to the desired shape. Because of the popularity and demand for liposuction, many methods and technologies have been created by cosmetic surgeons in order to improve liposuction procedures and reduce risks and complications for the patient. 4D High Definition Vaser Liposuction is one such improved method of liposuction. This liposuction method uses ultrasound and is considered by many as a more efficient and safe than conventional liposuction. If you plan to go for a liposuction procedure, here are 4 reasons why you should take a Vaser or 4D High Definition Vaser Liposuction: 1.  Faster Recovery One advantage of Vaser Liposuction is that recovery is faster than conventional liposuction. This is thanks to the technique’s capability to be more selective in the cells it disrupts. The ultrasound technology of the Vaser Liposuction can disrupt fat cells, but keep other vital cells like blood vessels, nerves and connective tissues intact. The disruption of the fat cells causes the fat deposits to break up and make them easier to remove via suction (cannula). This reduces overall post-op complication and makes recovery faster. 2.  Minimally invasive Vaser Liposuction is also a minimally invasive procedure and does not require special surgical equipment, meaning it can be performed in an outpatient surgery center, and even in a physician’s office. Depending on the areas being treated, the procedure can take up to several hours, but it takes less time to complete the procedure compared to traditional liposuction or other fat reduction surgeries done in the same area. Patients can also choose to remain awake or have general anesthesia throughout the procedure. 3.  Athletic looking result Hi-Definition Vaser Liposuction will help you achieve a toned look within a few hours after the operation. This is because Hi-definition Vaser Liposuction is focused on body contouring and giving the body a more athletic figure by removing small deposits of fat surrounding the muscles, enhancing the visibility natural muscle outline and musculature. The cannula used in both Vaser and hi-definition Vaser Liposuction is also smaller than traditional liposuction and can effectively target areas in the stomach, thighs, arms, and shoulders without leaving visible scars. So there is no worry of skin damage while getting the benefit of having a firm-looking body. 4.  Transferable fat Fat harvested from Vaser Liposuction can also be used for fat grafting, so it can be redeposited to other parts of the body to make it look fuller and bigger. This is important for those who want to have a breast fat grafting or butt lift along with the liposuction procedure since not all fat harvested through liposuction is viable to be redeposited into the body. Fat cells damaged from liposuction can cause severe complications once redeposited into the body, but Vaser Liposuction carefully removes fat from the body and usually does not damage the fat cells. These high-quality fat cells are viable to redeposit into the body with no risk of rejection or reaction. With better liposuction techniques being created, many surgeons and cosmetic experts are moving away from traditional, suction-only liposuction techniques in favor of safer and less-risky methods like the Vaser Liposuction. So when you go for a liposuction treatment, remember these reasons why you should choose Vaser Liposuction.

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4 Misconceptions About Double Eyelids

4 misconceptions about double eyelids

In recent years, double eyelid surgery has been getting a lot of popularity, especially in many Asian regions like Korea, Japan, and even Singapore to a certain degree. While having a double eyelid surgery helps correct drooping eyelids and create a desirable aesthetic look around the eyes, it has been subjected to a number of myths and misconceptions which covers up the real benefits of the surgery. Below are some of these misconceptions and the truth behind them: It’s An Attempt To Westernize Asian Eyes This is one of the most popular and widely-heard misconceptions about the double eyelid surgery. Because many Asians are naturally born with no eyelid crease (this is known as single eyelid) having a double eyelid surgery is a “cultural rejection” and an attempt for Asians to look “more western”. While this may seem like true, many surgeons have disproved this misconception. Double eyelid procedure is not about rejecting one’s culture or trying to appear more “westernized”, it is about enhancing and actuating the eyelids to bring out the aesthetics of the eyes.   It’s For Women Only Another misconception about double eyelid surgery is that the procedure is strictly for women only since it’s meant to enhance the beauty of the face, which is the concern for many females undergoing this procedure. However, that is not the case: men can also undergo double eyelid surgery just like women. Double eyelid surgery is performed mainly to remove excess skin, muscle, and fat in the upper eyelid, which many Asian men also suffer from. Creating a crease on the eyelid and enhancing beauty is simply a result of the procedure but is not the main purpose of the procedure.   Double Eyelid Surgery Is Just A Cosmetic Procedure Many still believe that double eyelid surgery is only for beauty and does not have any beneficial purpose. While a majority of those having this kind of surgery is after the aesthetic results of the procedure, double eyelid surgery has other beneficial purposes. Double eyelid surgery can reduce the amount of loose skin on the upper eyelid, making it easier to open the eyes wider. Excess skin on the upper eyelids might cause a shortened field of vision, weakening one’s ability to see properly. In such cases, a double eyelid surgery will be beneficial for both a better field of vision and a more enhanced look.   Blepharoplasty Helps Fix Sagging Eyebrows Lastly, many are also misled to believe that a double eyelid surgery is a solution to correcting sagging eyebrows. This procedure, however, does not deal with the eyebrows and only corrects the eyelids. Another procedure, known as an “eyebrow lift” is needed to help correct sagging eyebrows. This procedure is done by removing excess skin in the eyebrow area to reposition the eyebrows. Some cosmetic clinic allows both procedures (Double eyelid surgery and a brow lift) to be done together. Falling for these misconceptions can make one very anxious to undergo the surgery, especially those hear these misconceptions from friends or family. By knowing the truth behind them, those who wish to undergo double eyelid surgery can have a more informed decision and reap the benefits the surgery can provide them.

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5 body areas that commonly undergo liposuction

5 body areas that commonly undergo liposuction There’s nothing wrong with having fat in the body. But if you’re dealing with excess fat that won’t go away no matter how much you try, then it becomes stressful, annoying, and damaging to a person’s self-esteem and image. Stubborn fat can be a hereditary trait and often settle at specific parts of the body. Undergoing liposuction is one way to solve this excess fat problem.  Liposuction helps remove these unwanted fat around the body to help you achieve the body shape you dream of. Here are 5 body areas that commonly undergo liposuction: Legs Legs are one of the fat depositories of the body, meaning that this is one of the areas in the body where excess fat is deposited. Fat is often deposited by the body to the thighs, affecting both the front and back thigh area. This is one reason why thighs appear fuller and bigger than the rest of the body, despite doing regular exercise, when there is stubborn fat involve. Hips The hips is also another fat depository area of the body, and mostly affect women. When excess and stubborn fat accumulate around the hips, it makes the hips look weird as it sticks out and makes the hips look bigger than the rest of the body, affecting the appearance of the body as a whole. This is what is known as “mom hips” which many women fear having. Back If women have legs and waist as common fat depositories, the back area is most common for men. As excess fat begins to build up in the body, most of it would be deposited in the lower back area of males, affecting even the waist. When there is too much fat in these areas, they tend to sag, giving it an unattractive appearance. There are a few exercises that target the back area, but doing these exercises too much can be very strenuous to the back muscles. Neck Excess fat around the neck area can be very troubling in terms of appearance and health. When stubborn fat accumulates around the neck, it starts to look swollen and a “double chin” starts to form. Having a “double chin” is often associated to being obese and overweight, and can sometimes attract negative attention. Fat in the neck area is also often associated with having high cholesterol or diabetes. Buttocks The butt is a very common fat depository, and one that can attract both good and bad attention. While many women aspire to have big buttocks, it becomes a problem when the butt gets too big that it looks inconsistent with the rest of the body. Having a big butt can also attract unwanted attention, and be a problem when looking for clothes that fit properly. While regular exercise and proper diet is important in order to avoid building up fat around the body, sometimes there are just some excess fat that don’t disappear, leading to all kinds of trouble in appearance and health. When you encounter problems like these, having a liposuction is the best option.

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