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5 benefits of having your eyebags removed

5 Benefits Of Having Your Eyebags Removed

Having large and unappealing eyebags is a common cosmetic problem for many people both young and old. Eyebags are so common because just about anything can cause eyebags: bad lifestyle habits, environment, aging, and even genetics. Due to the prevalent appearance of pesky bags under the eyes, cosmetic surgeons have created surgical techniques of removing eyebags to make the eyes look firmer and appealing. Below we cover 5 benefits of having your eyebags removed and what it can do for your eyes and appearance. Fresh Look Going eyebags-less will give you a fresher look. Most eyebags are often accompanied by dark circles due to blood vessels under the eyes being swollen or not draining water properly. These dark circles can make you look haggard and tired, dulling your face even though you had a perfectly good rest. Dark circles under the eyes are worsened by lack of sleep, having too much sodium, allergies, or is a hereditary trait. By removing the eyebags under your eyes, you remove water and fat in the area, reducing water accumulation and relaxing the blood vessels that could be the cause of your under eye circles. Less Need For Eye Makeup The easiest quick fix to eyebags is putting eye makeup to conceal it, but using eye make-up every time you have to hide your eyebags can be very troublesome and time-consuming. Also, make-up does not offer any long-term solution to the problem, making it an ineffective remedy to your eyebag problem. By having your eyebags removed, you will need to use less eye makeup to conceal your eyebags. This means you get to spend less time trying to fix your make-up and more time spent with friends and family or out on your date. Younger Appearance Eyebags are notorious for making people look older than their actual age; this is because eyebags are often associated with aging. In worst cases of eyebag presence, eyes start to look droopy which further increases the appearance of aging. This most of the time hurt your self-image and might often be asked by peers about your unhealthy looking eyes, which can be embarrassing. Removing eyebags will help firm your skin and muscles around the lower area of your eyes, giving your face a younger and healthier appearance. Smoothen Wrinkles Around The Eyes Due to the loosening of the skin around the eye area caused by eyebags, wrinkles may start to form if left untreated, especially wrinkles at the edge of the eyes known as crow’s feet. Having wrinkles in the face is a clear sign of stress and aging, and can make you look at least 2 times older than you really are. Removal of eyebags will help firm up the skin around the area so wrinkles won’t form, preserving your young and fresh appearance. Reduces Fat Under The Eyes Fat under the eyes are normal, but having eyebags mean that there is excess fat in the area that it starts bulging out unnaturally under your eyes. The excess fat comes as we age, but to some, it is an inborn trait. The problem, however, is when the fat deposits are uneven, with one eye having more fat than the other. In worst cases of uneven eyebags, the eye with more fat will have a darker circle, making you look like you had gotten into a fight. Having your eyebags removed surgically will help even out and reduce the fats under your eyes, fixing the unnatural look while firming up the muscles and skin under your eyes. While it’s natural to have eyebags are we age, it shouldn’t affect your youthful glow. If your eyebags are giving you a hard time to showing yourself and your youthful charms to others, it would be best to have them removed.

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Types of eyebags and how to treat them

Types Of Eyebags And How To Treat Them Waking up with eyebags can be very troubling for any woman. Not only does it make one look haggard and sad, but it also makes one look much older than they really are. And being mistaken as older than their age can really hurt a woman’s self-esteem. Eyebags is caused by the accumulation of fat under the eyes. Formation of eyebags could be due to stress, allergies, and aging. It can also be hereditary, meaning it is a part of the genes. Generally, Eyebags are classified into 3 types: Type 1 Eyebags: Type 1 eyebags are the least prominent type of eyebags, with only mild fat accumulation under the eyes. This type of eyebag formation is not noticeable, and can only be seen at certain angles. This is the easiest to treat with a simple filler can be done to camouflage the small eyebag. It is important to choose the right surgeon to inject the filler as well. Home remedies do not effectively help to treat even type 1 eyebags. Type 2 Eyebags: Type 2 eyebags are more prominent than type 1, and are much more noticeable when you look in the mirror. The accumulated fat under the eyes are enough to cause small semi-circles to form, affecting overall look and facial projection. Simple home treatment has little effect on this kind of eyebags and can only reduce the swelling by a little bit. Type 3 Eyebags: Type 3 is the most prominent kind eyebags and the one that greatly lowers a person’s self-esteem. Large accumulation of fats under the eyes cause large semi-circles to form under the eyes, making them look overly swollen and sagging. This kind of eyebags can make people look much older and tired, affecting their overall appearance and facial projection Simple home remedies won’t have any a large effect on this kind of eyebags anymore as the puffiness is too much.   Treatment: There are a number of ways to remove eyebags, but each have their own pros and cons. Here are a few treatments available: Cream / Simple Home Remedies: Using eye cream and other home remedies are often the first move taken by someone who wants to get rid of their eyebags. This is because this method of treatment is easily accessible and the least expensive method. However, it is also the least effective method and only work on certain kinds of eyebags. Non-Surgical Method Non-surgical method of removing eyebags uses heated needles or laser to “melt” the fat under the eyes. Because of this, it claims to have no scarring. This method is called “non-surgical” because it doesn’t involve surgically cutting the skin open and removing the fat. However, the heat from the needles used in this kind of operation can burn the skin, leaving pigment and even permanent scarring that cannot be removed. The laser method also cause more swelling, which does more harm than good. And the melted fat can form Cysts known as fat necrotic lumps, which is visible on the lower eyelids. The only way to remove the Cysts is surgically. Shen’s Scarless Eyebag Removal Scarless Eyebag Removal by Dr. Shens is a highly effective method of removing all kinds of eyebags. It is a surgical procedure, but is geared towards ensuring that no visible scars appear after the procedure. The procedure involves making a very small incision within the lower eyelid to remove the accumulated fat. In the hands of an expert surgeon, the procedure would not take more than 20 minutes and will leave no external scars. The procedure doesn’t involve stitching, so there will be no stitches to remove after. Removing eyebags greatly helps improve appearance and boosts self-esteem, but choosing the right treatment for your eyebags is important if you want to have the best and most effective result.

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scarless eyebag removal

How Scarless Eyebag Removal Can Change Your Look

Baggy, dark circles under your eyes are unattractive. They make you look old, tired, and weary. In many cases, the presence of eye bags is an indication of having too many sleepless nights. For some, it’s a combination of different factors including diet (eating too much salty food), allergies, sinus problems, stress, and aging. While most of these factors can be modified, there are some that can’t. Getting Rid of Puffy Eyes Through Scarless Eyebag Removal Aging is one of those non-modifiable factors when it comes to having puffy eyes. As we age, the muscles surrounding our eyes weakened, reducing their ability to hold the skin as tight as before. On top of that, the skin changes as a result of degradation of collagen. It’s the protein that provides structure to the skin, making it elastic. When collagen breaks down, the skin loses its elasticity, making it look wrinkled and saggy. Many companies especially those that are selling eye bag creams claim that their products can make those baggy, dark circles under your eyes disappear. However, only very few people have found success in this route. There is a surgical procedure though that can make those eye bags disappear - the scarless eye bag removal.   What is scarless eye bags removal? Scarless eye bag removal is a surgical intervention meant to correct the eyelids. Also known as transconjunctival blepharoplasty, scarless eye bag removal is one of the most popular facial cosmetic procedures. When done right, scarless eye bag removal surgery can give you a completely natural look without any visible sign of scars.   Scarless Eyebag Removal vs. Traditional Eyebag Removal The difference between scarless eye bag surgery and the traditional one is the site of the incision. In the traditional eye bag surgery, an incision is done just below the lash line. It is through this incision that the excess skin in the lower eyelid is removed. It’s different with the scarless eye bag removal technique as a small incision is made inside the mucous membrane. It’s through this incision that the surgeon sculpts and repositions the fatty tissues, giving you a smoother and more natural look. It usually takes an hour or two for the surgery to complete, depending on the extent of fatty tissues to be removed. Usually performed under light sedation or local anesthesia, you can leave the clinic just a few hours after the scarless eye bag removal.   Should you do it? If your lower eye bags are bothering you and make you feel unattractive, then YES, the scarless eye bag removal is right for you. The results of the eye bag removal procedure are long-lasting that even if fine lines develop over time as a result of natural aging, there will be minimal development of bags under your eyelids.   Scarless Eyebag Removal in Singapore Scarless eye bag removal in Singapore has been around for some time. While there a lot of cosmetic surgeons who are performing eye bag removal in Singapore, the results speak for themselves if you hand this job to a well-experienced cosmetic surgeon. Shens Clinic offers scarless eye bag removal in Singapore. Having done thousands of this procedure, Dr. Shens has mastered the technique of scarless eye bag removal. With Shens Clinic, you can be assured of getting high-quality eye bag removal in Singapore that doesn’t leave any scar and minimal bruising. It’s an outpatient procedure so you can be back to work and your day-to-day activities after the surgery. For a no-obligation, private consultation, you may contact one of the best cosmetic surgeons in Singapore.     References:

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Scarless eyebag removal

Scarless Eyebag Removal Surgery is not as Painful as You Think

Everybody loves to stay flawless and hate having eye bags. For, they show the world that you are tired, not well rested and you are aging. And once they appear, they don’t improved even when you are taking a well thought diet and ample of sleep. However, there are some other ways to remove the eye bags and look your age. What causes Eye Bags? In order to choose the right treatment for your under eye bags, it is vital to know about the underlying cause of eye bags. There are various factors that can contribute to the appearance of eye bags. Some of the most common aspects include: The most familiar cause behind the appearance of under eye bags is the loss of fatty tissues. These tissues are present all across the face and reside below the skin. However, as a person age, the tissues begin to break down under the eyes at a much faster rate. For this reason, eyes are left with protruding bulges of fat which are termed as eye bags. Another cause of under eye bags is weakening of orbital septum. This is a membrane that holds fat under the skin and tucks it away. As you reach your forties, orbital septum begins to weaken and the fat tends to bulge outwards. This bulging of fat adds to the already present eye bags and makes them prominent. Scarless Eyebag Removal Surgery Dr. Shens is one of the best plastic surgeon who help his patients achieve a body they have always dreamt of. He generally recommends a surgical procedure for patients who have excess fat collected under their eyes. Dr. Shens does a lot of Scarless Eyebag Removal everyday as patients feel this a fast and effective procedure that can relieve their eyebags effectively. In the surgical procedure, the eye bags are removed or the present fat is adjusted under the eye to eliminate the bags. During this procedure, some patients are also able to benefit from the removal of excess skin under the eyes. Benefits of Scarless Eyebag Removal A patient can achieve umpteen benefits by opting for eye bag removal surgery. Some of them are: This is a safe procedure It is done by well-trained and experienced top plastic surgeon in Singapore The procedure does not leave any visible scar The patient can easily go back home after a few hours A person is able to gain visible results Reach out to Right Consultation One of the best ways to determine which procedure is right for you is to consult a knowledgeable and experienced cosmetic surgeons. He is the one who will help you choose between derma fillers and surgery to treat eye bags. While different surgeons may have different opinions, you need to make sure you are picking up the best method to get yourself treated. Please do read up on korean-trained best singapore plastic surgeon to understand and gain confidence in your choice!

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