What is Breast Fat Grafting?

What is Breast Fat Grafting?

what is breast fat grafting

Breast Fat Grafting – Fat Transfer to Breast
When searching about breast enhancement or breast reconstruction, you might have read or heard about the different kinds of implants used for breast surgery and what they have to offer anyone who wants to have fuller and firmer breasts.

While using breast implants is a highly popular method of breast enhancement, there is another breast enhancement technique that is slowly becoming popular, and it’s called Breast Fat Grafting, a technique of Fat Transfer to Breast.
Because Breast Fat Grafting is fairly new, we’ll cover in this article the method, benefits, and risks of Breast Fat Grafting and how it is different from using breast implants.


As the name suggests, Breast Fat Grafting uses natural fat from the body to enhance the breast instead of synthetic breast implants. Fat is taken from parts of the patient’s body where there is large amount of fat deposits like the thighs or abdomen, which is then transferred to the breasts. This process is largely known as Fat Transfer to Breast – Breast Fat Grafting.

Before undergoing the procedure, Plastic Surgeons often evaluate the patient to see if they are a good candidate for fat transfer and that there is sufficient fat in the patient’s body to be transferred.

Once the patient has been assessed and cleared, fat will then be harvested from the patient. Roughly two-and-a-half pints of fat are needed to increase the breast by one cup size, so a suitable amount of fat will be needed from the patient. The fat will then be liquidized and re-injected into the breast. The operation takes roughly an hour or more.


One of the biggest benefit of Breast Fat Grafting is that the procedure uses your own fat tissues instead of synthetic implants, so there is no risk of allergy or rejection from the body. Breast Fat Grafting also doesn’t need surgery, making it less risky than having synthetic implants.

The benefit of Breast Fat Grafting is also twofold: You get to reduce fat from other parts of your body while increasing the volume of your breasts. So, if you have fat on your thighs that you don’t want, you can have it transferred to your breasts.

Lastly, breasts enhanced through Breast Fat Grafting procedure also feels soft and could have a little sensation when touched, mimicking the feel of real breasts. While synthetic implants often form ripples that can be felt and sometimes feel un-natural when touched.


There aren’t many risks reported with Breast Fat Grafting, and most reports of Breast Fat Grafting procedures one have been fairly successful. However, there might be a slight chance that the injected fat in the breast might be reabsorbed by the body, causing your breast to lose some or all volume over time as some have reported.

Also, since the procedure is still new, only a few surgeons are adept with the procedure and how to properly do it. Unfamiliar surgeons who try to do the procedure without the proper knowledge might cause post-operative complications, doing more harm than good. So always make sure that your surgeon knows the procedure well before pushing through with the operation.

Even though Breast Fat Grafting is a fairly new procedure for breast enhancement and breast reconstruction, it has been widely successful with little complications. However, it’s still important to know that the surgeon you pick is someone who is familiar with the procedure to make sure that you have the best result without any of the risks.

And with the evolution of medical technology, medical experts in adipose science have found a procedure called Puregraft, a fat grafting system that address the inconsistency and unpredictability in traditional fat grafting procedures. Puregraft removes nearly all excess components in the harvested fat, which significantly improves long-term fat retention in fat grafted areas.

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