Best Plastic Surgeon in Singapore?

What does it takes to be considered the best plastic surgeon in Singapore?

Best Plastic Surgeon in Singapore?

dr Shen a.k.a. dr Shenthilkumar Naidu

You may wonder, for one to be the best plastic surgeon in Singapore, he or she should possess the best dexterous and nimble pair of hands, he should be extremely competent and schooled. While there are no doubts that skills, experience and knowledge plays an important role on whether a cosmetic surgeon is exceptional, a doctor’s approach or attitude to a patient is the most crucial. So, what does it take to be the best plastic surgeon in Singapore?

Bedside Manner

The doctor’s approach or attitude to a patient and his/her family is known as bedside manner. It is something that many of us tend to forget or take for granted on what makes a good doctor. Whereas, not all doctors have a natural friendly disposition, a good doctor must always put himself in the patient’s shoes. The doctor should know that the relationship is extremely biased in terms of information on the upcoming procedure and treatment, and to be the best plastic surgeon in Singapore, he has to ensure the patient is calm and fully understands the procedures and treatment.

Usage of terms and languages

There are many technical and medical terms that are not understandable to a layman. Frequent usage of these complicated terms may turn the patient off. The doctor and his team should do their best to explain comprehensively to the patient on what the terms and conditions of a procedure means to the patient. Some patients may demand overwhelming information, while some patients would prefer not to know too much. In any case, the doctor must understand that key information that is crucial to a patient’s health and satisfaction must be communicated properly and clearly to the patient.

Training and knowledge

Doctor in training

A good plastic surgeon should be well trained, at renowned institutes and with great mentors. Years of experience would help in building up his or her skill levels, and great mentors and structural learning at previous schools and clinics would help to impart useful real-world situations that are difficult to explain in textbooks.

A doctor should also bear in mind that new technology and skills are always being created and perfected all around the world, and he should incorporate these knowledges rapidly. Old techniques with years of track record should be seamless incorporated with new techniques and new ways of doing, so that the best results can be presented to the patients.

Is the Dr Shens the best plastic surgeon in Singapore?

Dr Shens - Korean trained Best plastic surgeon in Singapore

Best plastic surgeon in Singapore?

Dr Shens graduated from NUS (National University of Singapore) and became a Fellow Member of Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh. Eventually he found his passion in the speciality of plastic surgery and was award the Health Manpower Development Programme Scholarship to further his training and he went to Hanyang University Hospital in Korea.

It was during this time he went through some of the most rigorous training and had the good fortune of great mentors and skill sets imparted to him. Dr Shens has also paid attention to global trends, taking note of new techniques and technology that he can incorporate to the Korean style surgeries that he has mastered.

It is of utmost importance that he has done hundreds and thousands of operations.  the amount of experience that he garnered is no textbook nor mentors that can ever teach. This amount of skilfulness can only be gained via the tedious and wearisome way – through years and large numbers of operations. His skills in breast augmentation is highly established due to his unique skillsets in short incision breast augmentation (SIBA) that he tailored for each unique client.

Dr Shens understands the crucial notion of bedside manners, that a best plastic surgeon in Singapore is utterly useless if he cannot make his patients comfortable, calm and confident in the procedures. In fact, this is one factor that he treasures highly. He understands that what patients want are confidence and trust in his techniques to enhance their beauty.


With the hard and soft skills that he had acquired and built up, he is definitely one of the most professional and well-loved surgeons in Singapore and Asia. To him, it is not important whether he is the best plastic surgeon in Singapore.

His only happiness is that all his clients love the results of their new lives.

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