Tummy Tuck


Abdominoplasty or Tummy tuck, much like liposuction, is traditionally done to remove excess stubborn fats that are usually not removable via diets and workouts. Tummy tuck also removes excess skin but liposuction does not although, tummy tuck is usually paired with liposuction for best results.

Tummy tuck removes the excess fat and skin over the anterior abdomen. This removing of the fat and skin procedure usually leaves a scar that is placed low on the abdomen to hide it under the bikini line.

Why tummy tuck?
Tummy tuck, or mini tummy tuck is usually done based on the strength of the muscle wall. Often when the muscle wall is “loose” due to factors like pregnancy, the muscle wall requires repair, hence, tummy tuck is done.



How is tummy tuck done?
Incision is made along the line of a typical C-section scar and depending on how much skin needs to be removed, the length of the incision line varies. It can now be performed as a day surgery procedure with stronger painkillers and better anesthesia. However, admission post-operative can still be arranged.

What to expect for the procedure?
Most abdominoplasties requires a few weeks to fully recover, on average; it takes about 2 to 3 weeks. However, physical workouts should only be done after 1 month to avoid any post-procedure complications caused by vigorous movements and activities.

Pressure garments are also advisable to be worn for the at least six weeks to fully optimize the desired body contour.

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