Pectoral Enhancement

Pectoral Implants



Having a bulky chest is always often pictured as perfect and ideal for men, aesthetically speaking. However, not everybody can achieve perfect pectoral muscle structure. Even with a lot of effort put in with workouts, the pectoral muscle might not be able to grow.

How to get nice muscular pectoral look?
Pectoral augmentation or implants can give a better, more desirable look. Silicone pectoral implants procedure is done much less like a breast implant for women.

The operation is suitable for a man with an under-developed chest, who has assymetrical development of the chest muscles or who just doesn’t have the muscle type that allows him to enlarge his chest with exercise.

About the procedure:
The chest is first measured and marked out to find the perfect size for the pectoral implant to be used to get the most desired outcome. Hence, it is important to seek consultation with plastic surgeon first before proceeding, to check on suitability of procedure and get the best outcome possible.

The procedure is done under general anesthesia. An incision will be made from the under arm (armpit or axillary area) where the implant will then be inserted through and moved towards the chest and positioned perfectly.

What to expect of the procedure?
It is best to have proper rest for the next few days after the procedure, somewhere about one week. There might be some discomfort of the surgery felt for the first few weeks, but if taken care properly as per instructed, there should be no side effects to the stitch and stuff.