Medial Epicanthoplasty

Korean Style


Medial epicanthoplasty is a surgical procedure that creates large and distinctly vivid eyes by eliminating the triangle-shaped Mongolian fold that oriental people generally have.

Example of a Mongolian Fold Eyes


Distinct Features:

• Narrow looking
• Smaller eyes
• Fold on the upper eyelid tapers downwards to the inner cantus
• Most people would consider themselves with hidden double eyelid

This surgery procedure will be able to elongate the shape of the eyes. It is a ground-breaking surgical method that produces the golden ratio for the ratio of the eyes and leave a gentle impression by improving the existing surgical method that is difficult to apply easily to those with narrow gap between the eyes as well as improving the inclination angle of the inner corner of the eyes.

Most of the patients would perform the Korean Style Double Eyelid Creation together with this procedure*. The suitability condition for Medial Epicanthoplasty will be assessed by our Plastic Surgeon, Dr Shens.

*Every individual is different.


What can Medial Epicanthoplasty do?
This procedure has a way of rearranging tissue in the inner eyelid area to decrease the epicanthal fold without much tension. The results have much less scarring than traditional approaches to the epicanthal folds and epicanthoplasty. This will elongates the eye, achieving a more almond shape look.

Can you do the medial epicanthoplasty at the same time as double eyelid crease procedure?
Yes. Most of the time the epicanthoplasty is done with the Asian Double Eyelid Crease Procedure. This can also be an additional procedure to improve what was already done with the Asian Double Eyelid Crease Procedure.

When do the stitches come out?
Usually 5-6 days later. With eyelid procedures, you can take out the sutures earlier to help with the healing and avoid scarring.

Can you use absorbable sutures?
Absorbable sutures tend to cause more inflammation and possibly more scarring on the thinner skin area such as your face and eye area.

Can you do the medial epicanthoplasty and not do the double eyelid surgery?
Yes you can. Our Plastic Surgeon will be able to advise on the suitability.

Can you make the lateral part of the eye bigger as well with a lateral epicanthoplasty?
Yes you can, but this is much less common. The main difference between the Caucasian Eye and the Asian Eye is the medial epicanthal fold and the double eyelid anatomy and NOT the Lateral Epicanthal. The lateral epicanthoplasty is much less commonly done and tends to recur and relapse. The results have not been as good as the medial epicanthoplasty. It is less succussful probably for that reason mentioned that the main difference is in the medial epicanthal area and not the lateral canthal area.

Is the procedure painful?
Patients do not experience any pain since anesthesia is performed at the time of local anesthesia. Sedation can be administered as well if the patient prefers to be sleeping.


• Average downtime is 3 to 5 days.
• Post-treatment, the patient experiences minimal bruising and swelling with minimal discomfort.
• Painkillers will be provided to ease the discomfort.
• Results appear immediately and on average, the final desired result is seen in roughly 1 week.