Lip Augmentation



The lips are one of the most important organs in the human body as they are the most obvious on the face. The lips are used to express any verbal or non-verbal communication and also the doors for food entry and exit sometimes.

Lips are made of skin, muscle and mucosa (mucus membrane) without any bones and infrastructure. Hence, the lips are mostly flexible and shapeable. The upper lip has a vermillion border (coloured bordor between the lips and the surrounding skin) that only exists on human lips. The whole characteristics of the lips are rounded up by the Cupid’s bow on the upper lip and the stretch of skin between the upper lip to the nose (ergotrid).

Given the fact that most upper lip are somewhat smaller than the lower, lip augmentation are becoming more common than not. It gives the opportunity for individuals who’d wants perfectly shaped lips.

How to get bigger fuller lips?
There are two ways to achieve bigger and fuller lips; fat transfer and dermal fillers. The method to be used will depend on the condition of the patient after careful and detailed evaluation by the plastic surgeon.


Method 1: Fat transfer
Fats can be found in the body and certain excess fats can be extracted with a simple liposuction and reused for lip enhancement. The method of fat transfer is basically taking away the excess fat and putting it somewhere else to enhance that area.

In this case, the fats that are, not in large quantity, suctioned out will be injected into the area of enhancement. Fat transfer can also be done for filling up the cheeks, chin, forehead and under eye area for restoration of volume to the face.

Method 2: Dermal Filler
There are a few types of dermal fillers available and the most common filler used is hyaluronic filler. It is a type of sugar that can be naturally found in the body.

Given the fact that hyaluronic acid can be found in the body, though not extracted from, it is able to break down in the body naturally and safely.

Dermal filler procedure would be most suitable for people who do not have a lot of fats in the body to bring around for fat transfer. Fillers would last about a year or two depending on the rate the body breaks it down.

Does the procedure involve pain?

The procedure is done with numbing agent, hence injection will not be painful.

What to expect after the procedure?
After the injection, the plastic surgeon will massage the area to shape the injected part to the desired outcome. It’ll take about one to two hours for the filler or fats to get itself ease out on the injected area but patients are able to continue with their day’s activity as planned. The face is to be gently washed for at least three days after the injection so as to not have an complications.