Breast Augmentation

Korean Style Short Incision Breast Augmentation

Breast Augmentation is one of our signature procedure that can be safely carried out using tear drop implants or fat transfer.

“Some ladies experience a lack of volume or sagginess after childbirth and breastfeeding. Others desire a fuller looking bustline to achieve a more feminine look.”
At childbearing years of 30 to 39 years old, most ladies face major weight loss after childbirth or breastfeeding. This often leads to the loss of breast volume where the breasts deflate and it is impossible to gain back that luscious supple breast. No amount of exercises or muscle can build that breast volume loss. Breast implants for mothers can be combined with tummy tucks and liposuction.

Getting Fuller Breasts - Breast Enhancement

There are various ways to safely increase the size and volume of breasts. Two of the most popular and widely-used methods are via breast implants and lipo filling using your own fats.


There are two types of breast implants; silicone and saline breast implants. These implants are inserted over or under the chest muscles through incisions of the armpits, areola (nipples region) or along the crease of the breasts.

These implants comes in various sizes and two shapes (mainly round and teardrop), hence it is important to discuss with the cosmetic surgeon to get the best implants for the desired body shape and look.



Establishment Lab’s 30 years of experience and success in futuristic product design and development as well as technological manufacturing advancements have given Motiva Implant Matrix® Silicone Breast Implants a respectable and trusted name in the implants market.

Motiva’s implants have been created with durability in mind. With its state-of-the-art shell design, outstanding elasticity and extremely soft and shapely filling gel, the implants are created to naturally enhance breasts.


Motiva's modern and ground breaking shell-shaped breast implants results in more natural looking breasts. Round implants are typically used in almost 80% of all breast augmentation surgeries because of a more full-bodied appearance. While anatomical or teardrop shaped implants are natural looking and imitate the shape of a natural breast, these implants are lacking in natural movement and doesn’t move in sync with the body’s movements and instead maintain the same shape all the time. Motiva’s TrueTissue Technology™ and Ergonomix™ allows for the ultra soft gel to flow according to the woman’s posture. This results in the best of both worlds - a teardrop shape when standing upright and a round implant when lying down, resulting in a natural look and feel.

Size and projection

Choosing the size of the implants is not an easy choice. Patients and surgeons would both have different wants and to accommodate everyone’s desires, there is a large collection of designs, shapes and sizes to choose from during the consultation.


Another important factor that is often overlooked when selecting a set of implants is the surface texture of the implants. Choosing the texture of the breast implants is also very important as being negligent about this process could result in complications during the surgery due to tissue irritation. Motiva’s SilkSurface™ NanoSurface™ is a unique manufacturing product that doesn’t have added materials foreign to the body.


Elasticity is a major factor for implants. It is crucial that the ideal implant can be compressed and stretched without breaking. The gel and the outer layer that house the gel are extremely flexible and can stretch without any lasting damage. The gel also needs to be able to retain gel memory so as to revert to its original shape after movement. The seal on the back of the implant is the most susceptible to damage. With Motiva’s TrueMonobloc™, the entire shell is one whole structure which allows for easier implantation and a smaller scar during insertion.


Breast Fat Grafting - Breast Augmentation

In Lipo-filling procedure, or cosmetic surgeon harvests fat tissue from parts of the body; thighs or the abdomen. With these fats, it helps the breast get fuller, totally natural feeling breasts. Lipo-filling is a natural and safe procedure. Using fat tissues from patients’ own body ensures no allergy risks.

The procedure is done using a closed system of transfer known as the lipokit. Typically, a fat transfer requires 1.4 litres of fat from other parts of the body as mentioned above, to transfer 300millilitres to 350 millilitres of fat to each breast. This will increase at least one cup size of the breast.

As fat transfer requires liposuction and preparation of the fat for transfer, the procedure can take about 4 hours to complete.


Cancer and breast augmentation
First of all there is no known link between breast implants and cancer. It has been repeatedly conveyed in scientific literature over decades where silicon breast implants are the most studied implants. For 15 years, studies have shown that it is safe and effective. For more implant safety information, do check out the FDA site.

Breast Feeding and Breast Augmentation
Breastfeeding would not be a problem for ladies with breast augmentation, depending on the size and placement of the implants as well as the type of surgery. Nipple incision method may cause damage to the milk glands, ducts and nerves. Injury to the nerves around the nipple can reduce the let-down response when milk from the glands is released during nursing. Damaged milk ducts may reduce your milk production. Ducts may also be blocked, reducing the flow of milk and causing the breasts to swell. There are a few methods to insert the implant without damaging your milk glands. Contact our cosmetic surgeon to find out more.

Painful procedure
An anesthetist does the procedure in our day surgery facility under sedation and local anesthesia. Our cosmetic surgeon will then perform the incision in this period. During the process, patients will experience no pain as they will be sleeping.

Depending on the method of incision.

Above the muscle incision (Through Nipple)
Tattooing the nipple colour can hide the scar. Although this method is not usually preferable for breast implant as this may damage milk glands, some patients find this method of incision less painful post-op.

Under the muscle incision (Through the breast fold, most preferred method by most patients)
This method is most preferred with a short incision point from the breast fold. The scar will be hidden.  Patient can opt to laser and lighten the scar.

Through the armpit incision
This method is very blunt as the incision point is furthest away from the breast. Most plastic surgeons will only choose round implants for this procedure. The scar is well hidden through the armpit as well.


Before the procedure – Patients who smoke are most likely advised to refrain from smoking at least six weeks into the procedure. We will also instruct the patients to refrain from taking any blood thinning medication, multi-vitamins and supplements at least two weeks prior to procedure to minimize risk of bleeding profusely.

On day of procedure – Wear comfortable clothing and please arrange for someone to fetch. The procedure will take about an hour to complete.

Post-procedure – Once procedure is done, patients will require to rest for a few hours. Doctor or medical staff will give specific instructions and guidelines. It is important to abide all of the instructions and guidelines to prevent post-operative complications, and to ensure a smooth recovery.

Post-procedure – As the anesthesia starts to wear off, there would be some tightness feeling of discomfort but medications will be provided. Medical staff will guide arm exercises, to relax the chest muscles during recovery period. Most women could relate this to feeling an engorgement of the breasts.

The breast will appear high on the chest with tightness for the next few weeks. It will lower down after the first week and more as the time goes by. Relaxation of the chest muscles will vary for individuals. Bruising will occur on the third day after the procedure is done. Majority of patients report that they were able to resume regular activities on the 3rd day after the surgery, and eventually return to work within the first week of recovery. During this period, our surgeon will have patients come back to review the healing process.