Birth Mark Removal


Birthmarks are present in the skin at birth or shortly after, usually within the first month. There are no exact known cause of birthmarks but its usually not heredity.

Birthmarks are commonly classified as either pigmented where its dark, brown colour, or vascular where it’s red or purplish in colour.

Pigmented cells or melanocytes cause pigmented birthmarks. The most common types of pigmented birthmarks are café-au-lait spots, Mongolian spots and congenital melanocytic naevi (a.k.a mole).

Vascular birthmarks are caused by abnormal growth or collection of blood vessels. The types of vascular birthmarks are salmon patches, Haemangiomas, strawberry naevus and port-wine stains.

Most birthmarks are harmless and don’t require treatment, some may even disappear gradually when older. However, if birthmarks are large or cause aesthetic concerns, there are ways to reduce or remove them.


How to get rid of birthmarks?
Birthmarks are mostly harmless and don’t require any treatment. Some even disappear gradually with age. However, if birthmarks are large or cause aesthetic concerns, there are ways to reduce or remove them.

Pigmented birthmarks can be removed or revised via excision surgery or fractional lasers. Pigmented birthmarks removal can be treated the same as mole removal.

Vascular birthmarks can be treated with pulsed-dye lasers or Vascular lasers to reduce its size.


It is best to consult the aesthetic doctor before going forward with the procedure. With the consultation, the type of birthmarks and the method of removal/revision can be determined to achieve the best results possible.

During procedure:
The aesthetic doctor will give proper information on whether or not the procedure involves any pain and if any form of anesthesia or numbing agent needs to be applied.

Depending on the procedure, it is best to keep the affected area free from any dirt, dust or unnecessary touching to avoid any complications or infection although chances of that happening are very minimal. Any medications or follow ups will be provided and arranged accordingly, otherwise, downtime for birthmarks removal are close to none.