Autologous Breast Reconstruction


Surgery for breast cancer involves the traumatic experience of removing one’s breast in order to get rid of the cancerous cells. This can cause low self-esteem and low confidence in people. However, the similar shape and appearance of breast can be achieved through breast reconstruction procedure after a breast removal, also known as mastectomy, is done.

About breast reconstruction


Breast reconstruction is done by using the body’s own tissue. The tissues from the body are taken from the back or from the abdomen area. Implants may or may not be applied as well.

TRAM flap: Tissues from the abdomen are taken to reconstruct the breast. The abdominal tissue is one of the better solutions as it gives a more natural appearance and feel of a breast.

LD flap: Tissues taken from the back of the chest is suitable for smaller breasted patients. This is due to the fact that there is less volume of tissues on the back hence, it will not make the breast look too different from the other.

What to expect of the procedure?
Breast reconstruction requires an assessment on the suitability of the tissues to be taken out and put to the breast area.

The recovery from this procedure would vary depending on the severity and complexity of the procedure. However, much like other surgical procedures, there might be bruising, swelling and certain discomfort post-surgery that can be eased by medications provided. The average downtime of this procedure is about two weeks with proper care and rest.