Dermatix Ultra

Dermatix Ultra is an advanced scar treatment gel that is scientifically proven to flatten, soften and smooth scars. It aids in relieving the itching and discomfort associated with certain scars. Dermatix Ultra can be used to treat present scars or as a preventive for visible scars. It can be applied onto the face, neck, chest, hands and arms.

How does Dermatix Ultra Work?
Dermatix Ultra is a topical gel, which reduces water loss from the skin and stops the build up of thick tissue that happens when skin is damaged. It can be used right after the wound is closed and as the new skin is forming to achieve the best results. Dermatix Ultra restores collagen levels to normal, minimizing the height of the scar after 3 to 3 months.

Types of scars treated with Dermatix Ultra:
1) Hypertrophic scars
Following burns and in people with darken skin, this type of scars are more common in the young. These scars are red, thick and elevated and can be itchy or painful. However, they do not stretch out bigger than the actual boundaries of the wound.

2) Keloid Scars
Tend to develop more readily in younger individuals and in darker-skinned people, although it can also occur at any age. These scars are thick, rounded, irregular clusters of scar tissue that extend beyond the original wound. Often they’d appear red or darker in colour compared with the surrounding skin.

Keloids may not develop for many months after injury and may also worse during pregnancy.

How long will it take for scars to improve with Dermatix Ultra?
The recommended minimum treatment time is two months however, larger and older scars may take longer and continued used of Dermatix Ultra is recommended as long as improvement is seen. Dermatix Ultra is 100% odourless and is for external use only. Direct contact with eyes, mucous membranes and third degree burns and open wounds should be avoided.